Shy Turtle Craft

Supplies: Scissors, Glue, Markers, Tape, Paper Plate-Any size, I used a 6.5”, Green paper or white paper if you wish to color it your own shade of green

Print out the pattern, or ask a grown-up for help.

Cut out a long strip  from an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper as shown on the pattern.Fold the strip so as to strengthen it. Cut out a shorter strip and fold it and tape it as shown in the video. This piece will form the head and tail of the turtle.

Color the shell of the turtle and cut out the full circle. Glue it to outside of the bottom of the plate.

Fold and glue 4 short strips from the pattern.  These will form the legs of the turtle. Tape them to the plate as shown.

Cut out a circle the size of the plate and tape it to the sides of the plate.

Draw a face on your turtle. Pull the tail to hide his head when he feels shy and push it out to show it.