Children of the 80s & children of today, join together and rejoice! The Baby-Sitter’s Club is experiencing a renaissance! 

First published in 1986, The Baby-Sitter’s Club is one of the most popular children’s series of all time. While many of the original books have held up surprisingly well, the same sadly cannot be said for the 1990 TV series. The 1995 movie, while better, is still outdated. 

Luckily, the graphic novel series has breathed new life into the franchise. If you have a child in third grade or older, chances are you’ve had at least one of the wonderful graphic novel reboots, illustrated by Raina Telgemeier and Gail Galligan, in your home at some point. If your child (or you!) can’t wait til the newest graphic novel, Logan Likes Mary Ann!, is released in September, fear not!  The universe (or as some like to call it, Netflix) is about to bless us with a new show on July 3rd. The time to start reading and re-reading the series is now!

Find some of the original books and all of the graphic novels on Overdrive

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