These fireworks are safe but fun and fancy. I hope you enjoy making them. Happy Fourth of July!

What you will need: 3 pieces of paper 6″ x 11 (color of your choice-I used red, white and blue); scissors and tape.

Fold the paper in half and cut slits in it until you are about a half inch from the bottom. The strips should be about a 1/4″ or so. You don’t have to measure you can just eyeball it . Do this for all 3 papers.

Stack the papers on top of each other and roll them up.

Tape them in place. Wrap a strip around your finger and gently curl it. I left the ones in the center straight and curled the others.  If you are having trouble curling you can use a closed scissor to slide on the paper strip to curl it.

You can make as many as you like and use for decoration or just for fun!