Hello Crafters! Today we are going to make flowers in a fun new way. All you need are scissors, color papers, glue stick, tape, and a printout of the template.

First, print your template out. There are 4 leaves and lines for you to use to cut out your colored paper or you can color them in yourselves.

Place two strips as shown in the video. Glue them together at the joining. Fold one over the other until they are one springy column. Cut off any excess.

Bend the springy column in an arc and glue one end to the other. Hold it in place. If the glue doesn’t hold then use tape to secure it.

Go back to your template and cut out the rectangle for your stem. Roll it up and secure it with tape, then tape it to the flower.

Color and cut out as many leaves as you like and tape them to the flower. Try making a bouquet with different colors and experiment with different size flowers by changing the width of the paper strips.

Share your flowers with someone you love!


Video file
3D Flower

Completed 3D Flower

Published by Karen Zielinski on November 12, 2020
Last Modified January 21, 2021