Kids Crafts with Karen-Light up the night!

Small flashes of light flicker in the dark summer sky. Lightning bugs are luminescent, they have the ability to create their own light in yellow, orange or green. This week we will create our own version of these winged beetles.

You will need: 1 paper towel roll tube; 1 sheet of yellow, orange or green tissue paper, 1 sheet black paper, printed template of head and wings (linked below), glue stick, scissors, markers, tealight.

Cut the paper towel roll tube in half. Glue the black paper to the tube and wrap it around the tube, glue in place. Cut out the front shape, trace it around the tube and cut it out.

Cut a piece of tissue paper and glue it to the inside of the tube as shown. Cut out the head and wings and color as you like. Glue on the tube.

Place the tealight under the bug and watch it glow!

Happy Crafting!

Video file


Lightning Bug craft template

Project Template

Published by Karen Zielinski on July 22, 2020
Last Modified October 23, 2021