Take Me Out to the Ball Game 2021

Baseball is back! Unlike last summer, fans of the national pastime once again fill the stands while scarfing down hot dogs and cheering themselves hoarse. Have you wondered why baseball is referred to as the national pastime? It comes in a distant third to football and basketball in television ratings, yet, ratings aside, the game remains the national pastime because it resonates more deeply in America’s heart than any other sport, inciting fierce passions and loyalties that span generations. Baseball was played as far back as the Civil War and it continues to both reflect our history and propel us into the future; after all, what diehard fan has not uttered the phrase:  “wait till next year?” Read and learn more about this iconic American sport at the following sites: National Baseball Hall of Fame and the History Channel. For up to the minute news, check out the MLB site. Also, click on the book jackets below to be taken to the links.  And now, Play Ball!!! 

Published by Barbara Kokot on July 22, 2021
Last Modified September 23, 2021