Heritage Months

May is rich in reasons to rejoice, including  Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – an annual tribute to the many cultural and historical contributions of Asians and Pacific Islanders to the diverse tapestry of  the United States.  In  common with the other commemorative months, the yearly celebration originated in Congress. In 1992, Congress passed Public Law 102-450, which  designated May as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The month of May was specifically chosen because it coincides with two historic events... Read more here



There’s a lot to celebrate in May - spring flowers, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and, since 2006, Jewish American Heritage Month.  Following a concerted effort by Jewish leaders to establish a national month of commemoration, Jewish American Heritage Month was inaugurated in 2006 by a Congressional Resolution and a Presidential Proclamation by George W. Bush which read: “During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate the rich history of the Jewish people in America and honor the great contributions they have made to our country.” Why May? Read more here