List the three best things about your bestie:

Hello Scarsdale Teens!  

This is our most recent  bite-sized writing exercise: Post-it Prompts!

List the three best things about your bestie:

You wrote:

  • Funny, crazy, caring
  • Reliable, kind, motivational
  • Reliable, accepting, inspiring
  • Sense of humor, understanding, musical ability
  • She's so funny, she always hangs out with me, she has cool clothing
  • Funny, understanding, active
  • Shopping, cafe time, drama time
  • Understanding, can laugh at themselves, reflective/self-aware
  • Hilarious, smart, so much fun
  • Sense of humor, kindness, patience
  • Obnoxious!(in a good way), super-intelligent, compassionate
  • Sense of humor, reliability, caring attitude
  • Cool, nice, funny
  • Empathy, humor, strong sense of self
  • I can talk to her about everything/anything, very resilient, understanding/compassionate

Our next Post-it Prompt will launch in October.

This project is brought to you by Scarsdale Public Library's Teen Services Department & Teen Advisory Board (TAB.)

Published by Jane Hennessy on September 30, 2023
Last Modified December 06, 2023