Tech Room and Business Center

Room with white tables and desktop computers with a flat screen TV on the wall

Tech Room Offerings

9 PCs

1 Express (15 minute PC) 

Each PC is equipped with Windows OS, LibreOffice, Windows Media Player, and a disc drive for playing CDs and DVDs (Headphones must be worn for these activities). 

We do not currently offer Microsoft Office. Click here to learn about LibreOffice.

Any Westchester Library card can be used to log on to a computer. If you do not have a library card please ask for a guest pass.

Sessions are 45 minutes long- if there are no other reservations, 15 minute extensions may be granted up to a total of 2 hours.

There is also one 15 minute express computer which offers a single 15 minute extension.

Please note the Tech Room and Business Center close 10 minutes before the building closes. The computers will also shut down 10 minutes before the building closes.

Available for purchase:

Earbuds: $1 Flash drives: $5

A person releasing a print job, standing next to a copier.

Business Center

In the Business Center (the room off of the Tech Room)  PC driven or wireless print jobs can be retrieved, photocopying/scanning is also available.


  • .15 cents per page for Black and White
  • .50 cents per page for Color

Payments are made using coins (only nickels, dimes or quarters) or bills (no bills larger than $5) at the coin machine in the Business Center.

Click here for Wireless Printing Instructions. Print jobs expire after six hours. 

The Business Center also holds our collection of indexed Scarsdale Inquirer issues, which can be viewed using our microfilm reader.

We also maintain a Job Board and Career Development Board where you can find postings that we receive from Westchester Library System and select organizations.

Though the space is designed to be self service, during limited hours there will be a Library Assistant there to troubleshoot and help you with basic tasks should you need assistance. There is also the option of making an appointment for Tech Time. See below for additional services offered in the Tech Room and Business Center.