According to Dudley Court Press:

“Up Lit is a new literary genre that centers on the power of kindness, the power of friendship, the power of community, the power of redemption and the power to fix what’s broken. Up Lit depicts life-affirming stories of hope, kindness, joy, empathy, humor, compassion and love. With a healthy dose of realism, Up Lit portrays often complex human connections as opportunities to find and deliver hope in spite of any chaos that may be present. In Up Lit, human existence isn’t futile; it’s something worth recognizing and celebrating.” – https://www.dudleycourtpress.com/what-is-up-lit/

Up Lit is not a new concept. Books that leave you with a good feeling, in which characters encounter kindness, humor, hope, compassion, empathy, and other positive human interactions, have always been around. Publishers have recently (circa 2017) rebranded these books as Up Lit. In hard times many people look for either escape, distraction or hope in their media consumption. The year of Covid-19 has introduced new challenges to our already busy lives. If you’re like me you aren’t looking to read or watch anything depressing. That doesn’t mean I don’t want substance to the media I consume, but I’d much prefer the overall tone to be positive and optimistic. While Up Lit is usually associated with realistic fiction, there are fantasy and science fiction titles which also fit the description of the genre. Check some out below!

Published by Daniel Glauber on August 20, 2020
Last Modified April 19, 2021