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Take & Make - Snowball Catapult

The snow is falling and... physics are calling? Read some of these snowy books on Hoopla and learn how to build a small-scale catapult! 

Take & Make - Wrap a Mummy

Spooky season is here! To celebrate Halloween, we've got not one but TWO Take & Make projects this month. Follow these instructions to wrap your own mummy. Or, click through to take a look at just a few of the magnificent mummy e-books you can checkout.

Take & Make - Acorn Garland

Throughout September over 160 Acorn Garland Take & Make kits were picked up from the children's room! Didn't get a chance to grab one? Don't worry, just click through to see instructions and a recommended book list all about acorns and squirrels.

Take & Make - Jawsome Paper Shark

Shark week may be over, but the fun doesn't have to be! If you've got paper, scissors & glue at the house, you can make a paper shark of your own using these instructions. 

Take & Make - Slithering Snake

Over 100 of you have already taken home the Summer's first Take & Make craft - a slithering snake! Did you miss out on picking one up at the library? Well have no fear, you can print one out here!

Take & Make - Rainbow Collage

If you registered for and picked up a bag, you'll have what you need for this craft ready to go. But even without the bag, you can still follow our video instructions to add some color to the final few weeks of winter with a torn paper rainbow collage. 


Hello Crafters! Today we are going to make flowers in a fun new way. All you need are scissors, color papers, glue stick, tape, and a printout of the template.

First, print your template out. There are 4 leaves and lines for you to use to cut out your colored paper or you can color them in yourselves.

Place two strips as shown in the video. Glue them together at the joining. Fold one over the other until they are one springy column. Cut off any excess.