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Created to provide specialized public library services to students in Grades 6 through 12, the Teen Services Department at Scarsdale Public Library was established in December 2020 when the Library reopened to the public following its renovation and public safety/pandemic closures.

What's your favorite karaoke song?

Hello Scarsdale Teens!

Here's the fifth installment of our bite-sized writing exercise: Post-it Prompts!

Our latest question for you is: What's your favorite karaoke song?

Here's what you wrote:

American Indian Heritage Month 2021

November is National American Indian Heritage Month, also known as Native American Heritage Month.  While the annual month-long celebration has only been in existence for 31 years, efforts to honor America’s indigenous peoples go back more than a hundred years to “American Indian Day,” which was declared a holiday by the Governor of New York State in 1916 and celebrated on the second Saturday in May.  Fast forward to 1986, when Congress declared the week of November 23-30 as “American Indian Week.” This weeklong commemor

Take & Make - Wrap a Mummy

Spooky season is here! To celebrate Halloween, we've got not one but TWO Take & Make projects this month. Follow these instructions to wrap your own mummy. Or, click through to take a look at just a few of the magnificent mummy e-books you can checkout.

Teen GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

Beginning in May 2021, Scarsdale Public Librarians Jennifer Brinley (She/her/hers; They/them/theirs) and Katie Karkheck (She/her/hers) teamed up with Greenburgh Public Librarian Emily Dowie (She/her/hers) to offer Teen GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance), a monthly series of chats hosted over Zoom to be a safe space for queer or questioning teens *and* their allies to meet and discuss young adult literature or whatever's on their minds.

The program meets during the school year. Please check this site again in Fall 2022 for updates on the meeting schedule.


Not-So-Scary Picture Books

Ghosts, goblins, and other frightening creatures may be out and about on TV and decorating the neighborhood, but not everything Halloween has to be scary! Take a look at some of these not-so-scary picture books to ease fears around favorite Halloween creatures. 

What's your ideal form of transport?

Hello Scarsdale Teens!

Here's the fourth installment of our bite-sized writing exercise: Post-it Prompts!

Our question for you is: What's your ideal form of transport?

Here's what you wrote:

  • teleportation (weeeeeee!)
  • motorcycle (vroom vrum)
  • Razor Scooter is my favorite.
  • Train :)
  • I would FLY!! (like me flying - no plane --> I'm the form of transportation)

Our next Post-it Prompt will be posted the week of October 18, 2021.

Halloween Thrills and Chills 2021

Now that we are looking in the rear view mirror at the summer of ‘21, we can finally set our sights on the pleasures of early fall. In addition to the renewed energy brought on by sweater weather and the thrill of fall foliage and cool weather comfort foods, October culminates with Halloween, an occasion for costumes, candy and scary stories.

Take & Make - Acorn Garland

Throughout September over 160 Acorn Garland Take & Make kits were picked up from the children's room! Didn't get a chance to grab one? Don't worry, just click through to see instructions and a recommended book list all about acorns and squirrels.

October Literary Birthdays 2021

Have you ever wondered why October isn’t the eighth month of the year given it’s “octo” prefix? Back in 750 BCE, September and October, named after the numbers seven and eight, were the seventh and eighth months in the ancient Roman calendar, created by Romulus.