Borrowing and Fines

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Fines must be paid in person. Cash and checks are accepted. No credit cards or online payment available at this time. Fines over $25 will result in your account being blocked until paid.

Fines Schedule

Children’s books: $0.25/daily; $5.00/maximum 

Adult books: $0.25/daily; $5.00/maximum 

Trade Paperbacks: $0.25daily; $5.00/maximum 

Magazines: $0.25/daily; $5.00/maximum 

Audiobooks: $0.25/daily; $5.00 CDs/maximum 

Juvenile: $0.25/daily; $5.00/maximum 

Speedy readers: $0.50/daily; $5.00/maximum 

DVD & Blu-ray: $1.00/daily; $5.00/maximum 

Interlibrary loan books: $2.00/daily; $25.00/maximum 

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