Display Policy

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The Scarsdale Public Library maintains various display methods for the posting and display of announcements of educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable or civic events of interest to the residents of Scarsdale as space permits and at the library’s discretion. The library reserves the right to refuse to display any announcement in its sole discretion.

Announcements of public interest are posted on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of sponsoring individuals or groups. The Library does not advocate or endorse, nor is it responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the content, subject matter, viewpoints or sponsors of these events.

Materials NOT acceptable for posting or displaying are: political campaign flyers/posters; materials so large in size as to exclude posting of other items; and commercial announcements.

Announcements must be submitted to the Information Desk and will not be displayed without the express approval of the Director or their designee.

Announcements will not be displayed more than two [2] weeks in advance of the date of an event or the registration period for an event. The Library assumes no responsibility for returning announcements. The library does not return the material after use. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged materials and cannot guarantee how long it will be displayed. Unused materials will be recycled.

Individuals or groups may not submit notices more frequently than once monthly.

The Village of Scarsdale has designated the Library, among others, as a location for the posting of taxation and election notices.


Approved by the Scarsdale Public Library Board of Trustees December 2003

Updated July 2020