September is Classical Music Month!

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September is Classical Music Month and Scarsdale Public Library is excited to offer our patrons access to a variety of classical music resources. With your Scarsdale Public Library card, you have exclusive access to an array of classical music masterclasses and mesmerizing musical pieces through

Celebrate Classical Music month with concerts from across the world! Live concerts of classical music performances will be available throughout the month.

Classical music has been revered for centuries for its intricate melodies and emotional depth. Listening to classical music can have a number of benefits for the listener, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and concentration, and even boosting creativity.

At Scarsdale Public Library, we believe in the value of providing our patrons with access to a diverse range of resources and experiences. We encourage you to take advantage of our classical music offerings and explore the world of classical music this September. features a rare and exclusive selection of concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries and master classes. Exclusive events streamed live, available afterwards on replay.



Children's Stories for Classical Music Lovers

Read one of these stories centered around kids and their love of music. 

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Classical Music Programs