What was your proudest accomplishment?

Hello Scarsdale Teens!

Here is the March installment of our bite-sized writing exercise: Post-it-Prompts!

Our latest prompt for you was: What was your proudest moment?

You wrote:

  • When I first joined my swim team, I was very slow.  Now, I have achieved a lot and become way better!
  • When my writing piece got chosen to be in a book.
  • When I helped an old woman in an Israeli nursing home, make and drink a smoothie.
  • When I was able to play at my piano recital without making any mistakes.  This was the 1st time I played this piece perfectly.
  • Improving my math skills in 8th grade and developing better habits.
  • When I got onto the basketball team in 5th grade.
  • When I won 3rd place in my speech competition.

Published by Jane Hennessy on April 01, 2024
Last Modified April 17, 2024