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National Poetry Month - April 2022

Billy Collins, U. S. Poet Laureate and the “most popular poet in America,” according to New York Times columnist Bruce Weber, wrote: “I’m a great believer in poetry out of the classroom, in public places, on subways, trains, on cocktail napkins. I’d rather have my poems on the subway than around the seminar table at an MFA program.” His argument that poetry is everywhere and that it is accessible to everyone is one of the reasons this literary form will always be an integral part of our lives and culture.

What's your worst irrational fear?

Hello Scarsdale Teens!

Here's the 10th installment of our bite-sized writing exercise: Post-it Prompts!

Our latest question for you is: What's your worst irrational fear?

Here's what you said:

Spring Into A New Book March 2022

Ah, March. Hope for the best, expect the worst.  In this unpredictable month, anticipation often results in disappointment as winter refuses to say goodbye. On the other hand, March is an eventful month, containing the first day of spring, Daylight Savings Time and St. Patrick’s Day.  But did you know that Read an EBook Week occurs in the first full week of March? This year we celebrate the convenience and ease of ebooks from March 6-March 12.

Lunar New Year!

The year of the tiger is upon us! Dig into one of these wonderful books about the Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year).

Presidents' Day - February 21, 2022

Presidents’ Day, a Federal holiday which is celebrated this year on February 21, was originally established in 1885 to honor the February 22 birthday of first president, George Washington.  Over time it also became associated with the February 12 birthday of 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.  Thanks to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which created additional three day weekends for the country’s workers, the holiday will always fall on the third Monday of February but, ironically, never on the ac