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Favorite Family Read Alouds

Reading as a family isn't just fun, it builds children's imaginations and vocabularies, and expands their worlds. 

Here are our top three tips for reading aloud with kids!

Children's Books to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

This Friday, February 12, begins the Lunar New Year! Over a billion people worldwide will celebrate with family, food and fun. These books are some of our favorites to get the festivities started!

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, an annual tribute to generations of African Americans whose invaluable contributions to this country were achieved in the face of tremendous adversity.  Originally a week-long observance created in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, the event was celebrated in February to acknowledge the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.  In 1976, the celebration was expanded to a month by President Gerald R.

COVID-19 Vaccines - Updates

News flash:  Starting April 6, New Yorkers 16 years of age and older can begin scheduling and receiving vaccines.  Vaccine eligibility also includes: not-for-profit workers who provide public-facing services to New Yorkers in need, public-facing government and public employees and essential in-person public-facing building service workers.

NYS residents with pre-existing conditions are also eligible for vaccines; to check your eligibility, click here. 

And the Caldecott Award Winners Are...

The 2021 Caldecott Award winning books were announced this morning! If you're looking to read the best of the best Children's picture books that 2020 had to offer, look no further. 

And the winners are...

Caldecott Medal Winner

Reading About RBG's Life and Legacy with Kids

Learn about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and legacy along with your children. These books for younger readers are perfect for sharing and starting discussions about current events.

For older children who want to learn more about this iconic American figure, the RBG documentary is streaming now on Kanopy.



You now have more time to play, we have extended Summer Reading Blackout Bingo until August 21!

To participate, first print out the bingo card. When you complete an activity place an X on the square or color it in. Cross off all of the squares to complete blackout bingo! Then take a picture of your completed bingo card and send it to us at

Please include your name and library card number.


Most music these days is made available via various streaming services. Sometimes we lose sight (no pun intended) of what the artist, composer or musician looks like. This is why I am posting 10-12 photos each week of iconic musicians as well as lesser-known artists. Let’s see if you can guess who they are.

Keep scrolling down for the answers….


Did you know that in 1995 the first vegetable to be grown in space was a spud!? The Potato is a starchy, tuberous root vegetable, cropped from the subspecies of the perennial plant solanum tuberosum of the solanaceae. Potatoes are the most widely grown tubular crop, and the fourth largest fresh food produce.


This month, on August 18th, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, which granted women the constitutional right to vote.


To learn more about the long struggle and the many people who played a role, check out one the many wonderful books below.


Baseball is back! Well, it’s back until further notice – fingers crossed.  Fans of the national pastime are rejoicing at the return of a rite of Summer, although this year – a shortened season minus cheering fans in the stands –  is historically unprecedented. Have you wondered why Major League Baseball is referred to as the national pastime?


Hello Crafters! Today we are going to make flowers in a fun new way. All you need are scissors, color papers, glue stick, tape, and a printout of the template.

First, print your template out. There are 4 leaves and lines for you to use to cut out your colored paper or you can color them in yourselves.

Place two strips as shown in the video. Glue them together at the joining. Fold one over the other until they are one springy column. Cut off any excess.